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XMPlay is a powerful audio player for your PC that supports not only MP3 audio files, but also OGG, WMA, WAV, AIFF and CDA. You can play your audio files by adding also multiple effects.

Here are some tips that will help you to control better the application:

  1. The window position locking can be temporary disabled by right-clicking while the left button is held down
  2. Double-click on any non-button area to toggle mini mode
  3. Right-click the minimize button to minimize to the tray
  4. When moving the window, right-clicking will make the info window move too


Download it HERE

You can find more free audio players to download on, a free software download portal for Windows applications.

Looper is a mini audio player that will that plays various media files. It is able to run minimized to tray. Also, you can control the volume and the progress bar using the mouse wheel.

Here are some tips that will help you to control better the application:

  1. Very small in size
  2. Totally free
  3. Portable - needs no installation


Download it HERE


CoolPlayer is a tiny audio player that will enhance your experience. It comes with plethora of skins that cover all needs. Furthermore, it is able to convert MP3 format to WAV, lets you edit your favorite playlists, streams audio over the Internet, and as its name says it has a cool interface.

Here are some other features of this beatiful player:

  1. Support for OGG Vorbis
  2. Continous play
  3. ID3 multitagger
  4. File renaming capability


Download it HERE



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